What We Do

Appetize-Me! makes your product the star. From product demos to full-fledged commercials, we showcase technology in an emotional way. Our mission is to push visual boundaries, working together with you to create something fresh.

Concept and Strategy

We deliver a complete solution – from the initial idea right through to the final video. Our team of skilled professionals develops the creative concept hand-in-hand with you, and previsualization technology lets you see how your final project will look. Once all the steps are clearly defined, we go into production. Our studio, in-house equipment and postproduction resources ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. We film at the location that best suits your needs – our mobile robotic cameras can go anywhere. Appetize-Me! creates breathtaking images that will bring your product to life.

High-Speed Robotic Cameras

We use the latest in robot technology to push the envelope, generating never-before-seen visuals for you and your product.

Our three super-lightweight 7-axis robotic cameras deliver pinpoint motion control. Reproducible, complicated camera movements and extremely fast, complex shoots can be precisely planned and executed.

Previsualization, Postproduction, Visual Effects

Appetize-Me! has got the entire planning and production process covered. We do it all, both before and after the shoot: previsualization, editing, grading, CGI, compositing, retouching, online editing, and mastering and encoding the various media formats. You have input at every step of the creative process.


Our Munich studio proves that good things come in small packages. It offers total flexibility, equipment can be set up quickly, and the great atmosphere adds to a fun but effective working environment. We’ve got it all: infinity cove, lighting, bar, kitchen, client area, makeup – everything you could possibly need for a shoot.

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The Art of Creative and Effective Moving Pictures

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